Medication Requests

Policy, Procedures and Things to Know

Most sleep medications require authorizations if insurance is going cover the costs.  We want to help in the process of getting the medications that you need.  However, the insurance carriers have their own policies and procedures that may make this process take longer than expected.  Medication authorizations can take 7 to 14 days to gain approval (sometimes longer under special circumstances).  It is the patient responsibility to inform us that you are running low on medication. We advise that you start this process 30 days prior to running out. Please note: We have found greater success in obtaining authorizations for medication if the patient is actively involved in the process with their insurance carrier.

You must be a registered patient of Texas Sleep Docs for our practice to process medication authorizations.  Previous patients of Dr. Duhon's previous practice "Sleep Disorder Center of Central Texas" who want to continue to see Dr. Duhon are considered "new" patients of Texas Sleep Docs and must have a consult with Dr. Duhon at a Texas Sleep Docs facility.  We encourage his previous patients to continue care with Dr. Duhon but require that new patient forms are filled out.

If you haven't had a consultation in 90 days of your last visit, another consultation will be required before refilling medications (regardless of your provider).

Refill requests: Have your pharmacy fax us a request to 866-510-2239 and submit and "Refill Request" through the Texas Sleep Docs Health Portal. If you have been subscribed the medication that you are needing to refill, you will see that medication in the “Current Medications”.

Request Refill

Use your username and password provided by Texas Sleep Docs. Request Refills are under "Current Medications".

New Patients

If you don't have a username and password, click here for New Patient Registration. We can start the process after your initial consult.