Services and Testing

There are many sleep studies that we can run to identify a sleep disorder. Below is a list of services and tests that we offer.

Typically these services are covered by insurance.

Telemedicine Sleep Consult

Video and audio consultation about your sleep disorder(s) and discussion of treatment options.This is similar to a Skype call but HIPAA secure. **Patient must qualify for this service**

In-Laboratory Sleep Study

Overnight stay in our accredited sleep center and attended by our Registered Sleep Technicians. This study is the most reliable and robust in identifying sleep disorders.


Overnight stay in our accredited sleep center and attended by our Registered Sleep Technicians. This study identifies if an oral appliance will provide therapeutic treatment.

Multiple Sleep Latency Test

This test typically follows an in lab sleep study to identify other sleep disorders such as Narcolepsy.

In Office Sleep Consult

Discussion about your sleep history and current symptoms with one of our providers.

Home Sleep Apnea Test

A small device that is worn for a couple of nights in your home to monitor for sleep disturbances. Commonly used if Obstructive Sleep Apnea is suspected.


A shorter daytime test performed in our accredited sleep center. This study is to help patients who are struggling to acclimate with Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) therapy.

CPAP and Resupply

As prescribed by your provider, we are able to provide your CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine and related supplies. Our staff will assist with the delivery, setup, and instructions for use, and will be available to answer questions and make adjustments as your treatment gets underway. We also offer ongoing automated resupply programs to ensure your successful sleep therapy.

Sleep Disorder Economic Impact

If you think healthcare costs are already high, here is a little perspective of the healthcare economic impact of undiagnosed sleep disorders. Sleep disorders may not be as dramatic as a heart attack, but poor sleep now will contribute to higher healthcare costs in the future, and could increase your risk of having a heart attack! It can also affect your productivity at work which may have a financial impact on your career. You can see why we are so passionate about getting a good night's rest.

individuals increase
estimated annual medical costs

an increase
work related accidents

BILLION in additional healthcare costs