Sleep Medicine + Telemedicine

Struggling to fit in your doctor’s visits into your schedule? Or maybe there isn’t a sleep specialist in your area? Read below to find out if telemedicine is a good fit for you.

We have aligned our operational processes with Chiron's Telemedicine platform to provide convenient, HIPAA compliant care of sleep disorders in the comfort of your home, work, or any place with an internet connection.

  • Follow up appointments need only an internet connection
  • No travel – No time in traffic
  • Sleep specialist in real time on your computer
  • Texas Sleep Docs Providers
  • Approved By Most Insurances
  • HIPAA Secure

Do you qualify for a Telemedicine Visit?

While it would be great to have Telemedicine visits all the time, there are a few regulations that we need to follow:

  • We offer Telemedicine visits to new and established patients with commercial insurance*. We have confirmed that the big five insurances (UnitedHealthcare, Humana, Cigna, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, and Aetna) are approving these services.
  • According to the Texas Medical Board, an in-office visit with the provider is required before telemedicine visits are acceptable. There are rulings that have been discussed in the past years to work through this barrier, but as of recent, that is the rule.
  • Medicare Patients – We are working to offer Telemedicine services to you. However, there are many obstacles to work through, such as a patient must be in a rural Professional Shortage Area (HPSA), or county outside of a MSA. Also, currently your house or work place will not qualify as a “originating site”.
  • Patient must visit another doctor office, hospital, or similar and be open to having a telemedicine performed in their place of service to have a telemedicine consult with us. When the rules change, we will be the first to act in offering this service to our Medicare patients.

*We will verify your insurance to confirm that your insurance will pay for a telemedicine visit under the guidelines set forth. Telemedicine is not the right platform for everyone,so we may need to ask you a few questions to make sure a telemedicine video visit is appropriate for your situation.

Here is What to Expect

After you schedule your visit with our staff, you will receive an email confirming your appointment with a link to register with Chiron Health Telmedicine. Be sure to check your spam or junk mail if this is your first time receiving these notifications.

You should have your questionnaire and personal information completed before your office appointment. If information is not complete, your appointment will be rescheduled.

Once you schedule your appointment we will send you a few emails containing important information.

On the day of your appointment, you will be allowed to enter the virtual waiting room 20 minutes before your appointment.

You will be alerted that the provider is ready to start the visit and you will need to accept the invitation to start the consult.

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