Your Oral Appliance Therapy Study

Things to know

Your appliance trays should have been fit by the dentist we sent you to prior to your sleep study date. It is important that you bring those trays with you to this study. Otherwise, we are unable to run the test. Your specific trays will connect to our system and are used to find the correct setting of your oral appliance. The preliminary trays are NOT meant to be your oral appliance.
  • It is helpful to have the trays a little wet before putting them in.
  • The appliance trays will be slightly bulkier than your actual appliance.
  • Your appliance trays will connect to our oral appliance titration system. There is a slight weight once we connect the two and you have the appliance in your mouth.
  • It is normal to drool (with the appliance).
  • It is normal for your teeth to feel ‘funny’ in the morning.